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Step-By-Step Instruction To Help You With Canon Printer Setup
Canon is one of the most reputed manufacturers of printers. Canon manufactures a variety of printers but irrespective of a wide variety, the setup of printers is the same for all. Are you facing difficulty in setting up your Canon printer? Do you need help with Ij.start.canon/setup? Well, you are in the right place.

Step-By-Step Guide For ij.start canon/setup
The shipment box will have a CD-ROM and Setup manual, first take these out. Before setting up the canon printer we recommend you to read the setup manual. Now, take the power cord that is provided with the printer. Once you are done here, follow the given steps:
1. To set up the canon printer you need to connect the printer and your computer. Put one end of the USB cable into the USB port of the printer and the other end into your computer. After this to run power on both the devices, connect it to the power cable but do not switch on the printer now. Just connect the power plug to the power outlet. Instead of a USB cable, you can use a SCSI cable or Parallel port, but most of the users are today using a USB cable for Ij.start.canon/setup. If you are having a network printer, you are recommended to connect it to the wireless network. The laptop and desktop computer follow the same method so you need not worry about it. But, if you are trying to connect to a printer with your smartphone or tablet you must have a wireless printer.
2. First of all switch on the Canon printer. The power button is usually located in the front right corner of the printer. Next, you need to download and install the necessary printer drivers on your computer. Download printer driver via Ij.start.canon from your computer’s optical drive. It was included in your device with the printer. To make the printer function, it is a must to install included drivers and software. Every printer has software that is used to install the printer on the computer.
3. Now that, when you have installed power drivers and connected everything turns on your computer. You got a CD with the printer. Now, insert that CD, and if it does open automatically turn On go to My computer. Here, double-click on the CD / DVD icon. Next, double-click on setup.exe. If you have already downloaded -cool, if not click on setup or install and download.
4. After downloading the installation CD, follow the instruction that pops up on the screen.
5. Once your Canon ij setup process is complete, follow the installation wizard, and the software installation process is done.

How to Complete ij canon setup without a CD Drive?
Well, in that case, you can just download the software from the printer’s driver page of the manufacturer. Once the file is downloaded you can follow the same Ij Canon setup process as mentioned above to run it. But, sometimes the drivers are not available for the operating system. This usually happens if you have a newer operating system such as Windows 10 but older printers. These Operating systems do not support older printers. You can try an alternative by installing an earlier version of the operating system. But, if you want to run the newer version you need to get a new printer as well.

How To Connect Canon Wi-fi Printer?
First of all switch on your canon printer and install printer drivers via Ij.start.canon. Then you need to launch the canon printer setup. Once completed, click on next, select Wireless LAN Connection method on the printer connection screen. Now, you have to choose your router name and again click on next and then cableless setup. After this, tap on the Wi-Fi button that is present on the control panel of the printer. To assure that you are going correct, check the flashing of the blue Wi-Fi light on the printer. Check off the license agreement and click next. Congratulations you have set up your Canon printer. The printer is ready to function.

Test The Canon Printer After the Canon printer setup
Once you are done with the Ij canon setup you can go for the self-test page and ensure your printer is functioning fine. If you are a Microsoft user, you can follow the following steps: Go to the control panel on your computer screen. Next, double-click on the icon devices and printers or printer and fax. Right-click on the printer you are looking forward to testing and click on properties. Your printer should be there. Click on the print test page button. We have mentioned a step-by-step guide to help you in the Canon ij setup. I Hope, you found the article helpful.


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